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The 5th Japanese-Korean Joint Stroke Conference


  • Air
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Ferry


Map There are 3 airports near Gyeongju, 1 International Airport (Gimhae) and 2 Domestic Airports (Ulsan and Pohang). Also, it is easy to access from Incheon International Airport by transfer the flights.

1. Gimhae International Airport Go to Website >>

There are 32 flights every day to Gimhae International Airport from 9 countries and 26 cities (daily average). There are direct flights from 10 countries including Japan and China. Also, the official shuttle bus will be provided from the airport directly to the venue. Please click here to find the details of the official shuttle bus information.

International Flight Schedules of Gimhae International Airport

Country Cities Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Japan 6 cities including Tokyo/Narita
China 9 cities including Beijing
Philippines 3 cities including Manila
Thailand Bangkok/ Phuket
Cambodia Siem Reap
Vietnam Hanoi/ Ho chi minh
Taiwan Taipei
USA Saipan
Russia Vladivostok
Germany Munich

※ Gimhae International Airport ↔ Venue: 90 Km (Driving Time: Approx. 90 min.)

2. Incheon International AirportGimhae International Airport

In case of arrival to Incheon International Airport, the participants need to transfer to domestic flights. There are direct link from Incheon International Airport to Gimhae International Airport (3 flights every day). For more flight information, please visit Incheon International Airport.

3. Incheon International AirportGimpo Airport (Domestic)Gimhae International Airport

Since the Incheon International Airport does not have many flights to Gimhae International Airport, the participants could consider the Gimpo Airport. The Gimpo Airport is a domestic airport which has 29 flights (every day) to Gimhae International Airport. It takes 40 minutes to Gimpo Airport from Incheon International Airport by Airport Limousine Bus. The Airport Limousine Bus station is on 1st floor at 3B, 4B, 10A and 11A. It runs frequently between the airports (interval: 10~20 minutes). For more domestic flight information, please visit Gimpo Airport website.

Going to Gimpo Airport from Incheon International Airport and using domestic airlines to Gyeongju

- Taking airport limousine bus at Incheon International Airport and getting off at Gimpo Airport
: About 30 minutes / Fee: US$5 / 05:00 - 21:50 at 5 to 10 minutes interval
- Taking airport railroad Commuter Train at Incheon International Airport and getting off at Gimpo Airport
: About 33 minutes / Fee: KRW 3,400 / 05:20 - 00:32 at 12 minutes interval
Airline Map

※ For Detailed information about the Airport Railroad, Click Here.


1. Airport Limousine Bus (Incheon International Airport Gyeongju)

The Airport Limousine Bus runs 5 times a day from Incheon International Airport to Gyeongju intercity bus terminal. It takes approximately 6 hours from the airport to the bus terminal. The bus departs at arrival area (1F) 10C. Arriving at the Gyeongju intercity bus terminal, the participants need to take taxi or bus No.10 to the venue (11Km).

Bus Map

2. Express Bus / Suburban-Bond Bus (Seoul, Incheon, Busan etc. Gyeongju)

To arrive at Gyeongju from other cities of Korea, there are many direct express and suburban-bond bus lines from all over Korea to the city. Especially, there are 23 express buses a day from Seoul express bus terminal and 22 buses from Dongseoul suburban-bond bus terminal. Find details at the Transportation page of the Gyeongju Tourguide website.


There are KTX Express Trains which go directly into Singyeongju station (20km from the venue) from Seoul station. There are served trains 20 times a day in every hour (daily average); it takes 2 hours and 10 minutes journey.

For more information and reservation, please visit KORAIL website.


The Ferry would be another option to visit Korea from Japan. The Busan Port International Passenger Terminal is the closest port from Gyeongju. It takes approximately 2hours from the port to the venue (Gyeongju Hilton). Also, the KORAIL (Korea Railroad) offers Korea-Japan Joint Railroad Ticket service for the ferry passengers.

Busan Port International Passenger Terminal (T. 82-51-609-6313)  Go to Website >>

Korea-Japan Ferry Route

Route Company Operation Time
Busan ↔ Fukuoka Korea Ferry Everyday 6h
Mirejet Everyday 2h 55m
Busan ↔ Hakata Korea Marine Express Everyday 7h 30m
Busan ↔ Shimonoseki Pukwan Ferry Everyday 8h 30m
Busan ↔ Izuhara Daea Express Fri, Sat, Sun 2h 20(40)m
Busan ↔ Hitakatsu Daea Express Fri, Sat, Sun 1h 20(40)m
Busan ↔ Osaka Panstar line dot com Sun, Tue, Thu 19h

How to get to the Venue from Busan Port International Passenger Terminal

It is necessary to take a train to come to Gyeongju from Busan. Please take the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal’s shuttle or subway to go to the Busan Station from the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal. Then take a KTX (express train) to Singyeongju Station. It takes approximately 30 minutes by train.

Step 1. Busan Port International Passenger Terminal → Busan Station
Transportation Fare (One way) Travel Time Operating Hours
(Shuttle Bus)
KRW 900 10 min. Every 10~20 min.
Taxi KRW 2,400 On demand
Step 2. Busan Station → Singyeongju Station
Transportation Fare (One way) Travel Time Operating Hours
(Express train)
KRW 9,700 (Eco Class)
KRW 14,300 (Biz Class)
30 min. Every 1 hour

※ For more information on KTX, please visit KORAIL Website.

Step 3. Singyeongju Station → Venue (JKJSC2011 Official Shuttle route)
Transportation Fare (One way) Travel Time Operating Hours
JKJSC2011 Shuttle KRW 5,000 40 min. To be announced
  • Shuttle Reservation & Payment
  • - ONLY pre-reservation and payment are available at the conference website
    - Go to “Shuttle Reservation” page to make a reservation.

Korea-Japan Joint Railroad Ticket (KTX-Ship-Japan Railroad) by KORAIL (Korea Railroad)

The ticket is consists of Korea’s KTX (express train), ferry and Japan railroad (West Japan, Gu-Ju, East sea, Sa-Guk, East Japan, the new and second line of Northern island) ticket. The valid passport is required for the reservation.

  • The valid ticket should be used in a week (7days).
  • Fare discount: KTX 30%, ferry of Korea-Japan 30%, Japan railroad 9~30%
  • Reservation and buying ticket: Find more information at the KORAIL website.