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The 5th Japanese-Korean Joint Stroke Conference

Luncheon Symposium (Oct. 29)

October 29 (Sat), 12:40-13:40

Title Speaker
LS-1. Novel Strategy of Atherosclerosis Management (Sponsored by 아스트라제네카)
          [Reservation Completed]
Chair: Ji Hoe Heo (Korea)
Cardiovascular Imaging, Atherosclerosis and Statin Hyung-Kwan Kim (Korea)
Acute Effect of Statin Theraphy in Atherosclerosis Stroke Patients Oh-Young Bang (Korea)
LS-2. Dual Antiplatelet Therapy as Optimal Management in Ischemic Stroke
(Sponsored by 사노피)
Chair: Man Mohan Mehndiratta (Japan)
Clopidogrel in Acute Stroke Koji Abe (Japan)
New therapy in the Management of Atrial Fibrillation Yong-Jin Cho (Korea)
LS-3. Cilsotazol: A Drug Effective for East Asians?(Sponsored by 오츠카) Chair: Jong-Sung Kim (Korea) & Yukito Shinohara(Japan)
Combination Anti-thrombotic Therapy in Stroke Patients Sun-Uck Kwon (Korea)
Risk Benefit Profile of Antiplatelet Therapy in Japanese Stroke Patients Shinichiro Uchiyama (Japan)


  • Please choose one among three luncheon symposia at the time of the online registration.
  • You CANNOT change your selection during the conference.
  • Only the first one-hundred persons may attend per session.