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The 5th Japanese-Korean Joint Stroke Conference

Optional Tour

To make your days in Gyeongju more memorable, a variety of guided tours has been prepared for all participants and accompanying persons. Please refer to the respective schedule and short descriptions below.

HT-1 HT-2 HT-3 HT-4 FT-1 FT-2 FT-3 NT-1 GT-1
Half Day Tour

HT-1 Legendary Silla Dynasty - Gyeongju City Tour

DATE Friday, October 28, 2011
TIME 13:00-17:30 (Approx. 4.5 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Tumuli Park - Cheomseongdae Astronomical Observatory - Anapji Pond - The Gyeongju National Museum - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 56,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- Admission included
DESCRIPTION Large ancient tombs of kings and noblemen of the Silla Dynasty can be seen around Gyeongju at Tumuli Park. There are twenty-three large tombs located here; the most famous being Cheonmachong and Hwangnamdaechong. In an excavation of the area in the 1970's, Cheonmachong was discovered with a painting of mounted horse. The tomb itself is open for viewing, providing visitors with an opportunity to see how the huge tombs were constructed and how the various items were arranged in them. Visitors to this area should be sure to take the time for a peaceful stroll in this serene park.
Cheomseongdae is the oldest existing astronomical observatory in Asia. Constructed during the reign of Queen Seon-deok (632-647), it was used for observing the stars in order to forecast the weather. This stone structure is a beautiful combination of straight lines and curves, and was designated as National Treasure No.31 on December 20th, 1962.
Anapji Pond is an artificial pond in and was constructed by order of King Munmu in 674 CE. The pond is situated at the northeast edge of the Banwolseong palace site, in central Gyeongju. It is an oval shape; 200m from east to west and 180m from north to south. It contains three small islands.

HT-2 UNESCO World Heritage Tour

DATE Saturday, October 29, 2011
TIME 09:00-12:00 (Approx. 3 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Bulguksa Temple - Seokguram Grotto - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 59,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- Admission included
DESCRIPTION Bulguksa Temple, on the southern outskirts of Gyeongju, is one of Korea's best known temples, a monument to both the skill of Silla architects and the depth of Buddhist faith at the time. While most of the wooden buildings have been rebuilt over the centuries, all the stone bridges, stairways and pagodas are original. The temple, originally built in A.D. 535. was enlarged in A.D.751. Today the temple's form is as beautiful and charming as ever.
Dating back to the same era, Seokguram Grotto is one of Asia's finest Buddha shrines. Surrounded by Bodhisattvas and guardian deities, the serene central statue of Buddha gazes out over the forested hills and across the East Sea to the horizon. In 1995, Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Grotto were named to UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage List.

HT-3 A Hidden Treasure of Buddhism - Mt. Nam Tour

DATE Saturday, October 29, 2011
TIME 13:00-17:00 (Approx. 4 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Hiking of Mt. Nam (Level: Difficult)- Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 50,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
DESCRIPTION Mt. Namsan in Gyeongju is home to many temples and shrines and was considered sacred by many during the Silla Dynasty. Mt. Namsan is a veritable open-air museum with 100 temples, 80 stone Buddha statues, and 60 stone pagodas scattered across the mountain. This features nearly 40 valleys and is divided into the Southwest Mountain, a sacred place during the Silla period, and the Southeast Mountain in which many Buddhas can be found around the valleys.

HT-4 Historic Village of Korea – Yangdong Village

DATE Sunday, October 30, 2011
TIME 09:00-12:00 (Approx. 3 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Yangdong Folk Village - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 50,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- Admission included
DESCRIPTION Gyeongju Yangdong Folk Village, 20 km northeast from Gyenogju City, is Korea’s largest traditional village, showcasing the traditional culture of the Joseon Dynasty and the beautiful natural surroundings. Thanks to its many cultural heritages, including treasures, national treasures, and folklore materials, the entire village has been designated as a World cultural heritage site in 2010. Mt. Seolchangsan and its four spines of mountains can be seen beyond the village. Approximately 160 old houses and 500-year-old thatched-roof cottages are nestled within the valley. Fifty-four of these homes are over 200 years old and have been excellently preserved in their original state, offering a rare opportunity to view a variety of unique Korean traditional houses in person. Visitors of the village would need Korean manners since the historic village is a rare noble village even in Korea.
Full Day Tour

FT-1 The Home of Confucianism, Andong & Making Apple Wine Experience Tour (08:00 – 21:00)

DATE Saturday, October 29, 2011
TIME 08:00-21:00 (Approx. 13 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Andong Haehoe Village & Hahoe Mask Dance Performance - Byeongsan Confucian School - ‘Making My Own Apple Wine’ Experience at the orchard - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 120,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- Admission included
- 1Lunch & 1Dinner at a local restaurant
DESCRIPTION Andong Hahoe Village has preserved the housing architecture and the village structure of the Joseon dynasty. Moreover, the village was not artificially created; there are people who actually live there. Three sides of Hahoe Village (Main Folk Asset No.122) are surrounded by the Nakdonggang River. Because the river swirls around the village, the village is named Hahoe, and is also called the spinning river village. Hahoe Village is also famous for the Byeolsin exorcism, the mask dance and the Hahoe Mask. The Hahoe Byeongsan Mask is the oldest mask in Korea and is used in the Hahoe Mask Dance. Hahoe Village became famous from the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 1999. Many events featuring the Mask Dance are held.
Byeongsan Confucian school was established by esteemed Confucian scholars to pay tribute to the memory of Seong-nyong Yu (1542-1607), who was well-respected for his writings and personality. His mortuary tablet is enshrined at this school. Around the time of 1863, Confucian schools enjoyed many freedoms under the Joseon rule, students and scholars of the school were exempt from taxation and other expenses.

The Korea Applease experience program starts with a tasting of apples you pick from the orchard with your own hands. Naturally, the most desirable and reliable way of experiencing farm produce is to test its quality with the five senses by personally visiting the place where it is produced. The brewery tour offers a range of attractive experience programs. You can enjoy apple pies you bake yourself, together with apple and pomegranate wine. You can also taste apple juice you prepare by yourself. You can enjoy a program called ‘Making My Own Apple Wine', where visitors attach a photo taken at the apple orchard to apple wine bottles. These special wine bottles labeled with a photo of your family or friends who accompanied with you on the tour often become too precious a souvenir to consume.

FT-2 Temple Life Experience Tour

DATE Saturday, October 29, 2011
TIME 09:00-15:00 (Approx. 6 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Temple Life Experience at Donghwasa Temple - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 92,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- 1Lunch at the temple
- Admission included
DESCRIPTION Temple Life program is a cultural-experience program designed to help people understand Korean Buddhism better. Participants can find their 'true self' amongst the harmony of nature while staying at a temple. The program consists of temple tour, meditation, tea ceremony and Q&A with Buddhist monk.

FT-3 Day Out to Major Port City - Busan

DATE Saturday, October 29, 2011
TIME 09:00-18:00 (Approx. 9 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Jagalchi Fish Market - Kukje Market - Taejongdae Park - Busan Tower - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 78,000/person (Minimum 10persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- 1Lunch at a local restaurant
- Admission included
DESCRIPTION Busan is a second largest city in Korea. As a major port city, there is a myriad of sea routes offering gateways to Japan and to the rest of the world. Busan also boasts scenic visions of nature with Nakdonggang River flowing in the west adjacent to the ocean at the south. Its landscape includes a coastline with fine beaches, scenic islets and tall mountains.
Jagalchi Market is Korea's largest seafood market. After the Korean War the market solidified itself as a fish market. Most of the people who sell fish are women, so the women who sell here are called 'Jagalchi Ajumma,' 'ajumma' meaning middle-aged or married women. If you visit here you can eat fresh raw fish right at the market. Even these days you can see women selling mackerel, sea squirts (ascidians) and whale meat on wooden boxes along the road. Every year in October the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival is held, and it is easy to visit because of the convenient transportation provided by the subway.
Taejongdae Park is especially famous for its rock beach. Featuring its highest peak at 250 meters, there are forests of pine trees and other 200 varieties of trees, and there is Busan Tower of 120m high where you can see the magnificent view of Busan down town with the port.
Night Tour

NT-1 Gyeongju Moonlight Trip

DATE Friday, October 28, 2011
Saturday, October 29, 2011
TIME 18:30-21:00 (Approx. 2.5 hours)
ITINERARY Tour Desk - Gyeongju Moonlight Trip (Cheomseongdae Observatory & Anapji Pond) - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 60,000/person (Minimum 10 persons basis)
CONDITIONS - English/Japanese speaking guide’s assistance
- 15-seated bus
- Admission included
DESCRIPTION "Gyeongju Moonlight Trip" is a tour around some of the area’s most famous landmarks, all of which will be illuminated with special lighting displays. Major sites along the route include the Bomun Lake Resort, Anapji Pond and Cheomseongdae Observatory. Also, you will have unique experience tonight, i.e., you will be given with white paper lantern that you can write down your wishes on, then will walk along Anapji pond making your wishes in the moonlight.
Golf Tour

GT-1 Golf in Gyeongju

ITINERARY Tour Desk - Gyeongju Country club - Tour Desk
PRICE KRW 55,000/person (Minimum 4 persons basis)
CONDITION Transportation only
DESCRIPTION Gyeongju Country Club is located within Bomun Tourism Area with spectacular scenery of the Bomun Lake. It is within 15 minutes from Gyeongju and is aiming to become the best golf course in Korea. The characteristic of Gyeongju Country Club is "Light Golf" which has enabled players to play golf at night and at daybreak under perfect light settings. It is located in Gyeongju, which is a tourism city, attracting the attention of tourists who love golf.
* Green fee, golf car and club rental fee should be paid by cash or credit card on site when check in.
Fee Information
Green Fee
( 1person)
Caddy Fee
(1 team)
Club Rental Golf Car
(1 team)
Weekdays Weekends KRW 90,000 KRW 40,000 KRW 80,000
KRW 105,000 KRW 150,000

** To apply for the golf tours, please contact the official travel agency, Plaza21 Plus Travel directly by email at iplaza21@yahoo.com or fax to +82-2-364-4174 without a reservation form.

Please keep the following Tour Booking Conditions and Cancellation & Refund Policy in mind.

Tour Booking Conditions

  1. 1. To apply for the tours, please contact the official travel agency, Plaza21 Plus Travel no later than October 7, 2011.
  2. 2. All tour fees must be guaranteed with your card information at the time of application.
  3. 3. Tours are subject to change or cancel if the number of participants fails to reach the set minimum.
  4. 4. Tour fees will NOT be charged to your credit card until we gather a minimum of participants for your tour, at which time
             we will send you an official confirmation.
  5. 5. In case of cancellation, the travel agent will contact individually.
  6. 6. Applications are accepted even after October 7, 2011, when provided vacancies remain.
  7. 7. On-site tour reservation is ONLY available at the Tour Desk at least one day before the tour departure date.
  8. 8. You are encouraged to drop by the Tour Desk and confirm your tour reservation when you arrive in Gyeongju.
  9. 9. If you want to take a tour other than designated schedule above, please contact Plaza21 Plus Travel directly.
  10. 10. Any requests for changes or cancellations should be made by e-mail at iplaza21@yahoo.com or fax to +82-2- 364-4174.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. 1. Cancellation 7 days before the scheduled date: 20% penalty on the tour fee
  2. 2. Cancellation 2 days before the scheduled date: 50% penalty on the tour fee
  3. 3. Cancellation on the day of the tour : No refund

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